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Why this is the best website for administrators!

Why this is the best website for administrators!

First of all, this is the best website because this is what it is called. This website is the best website for administrators because it meets a number of factors.

An easy to maintain website

This website is easy to maintain. The website runs on Joomla, a user-friendly and popular open source Content Management System (CMS).

The CMS has a clear user interface so that placing and modifying content is very easy. The CMS is optimally configured so that the administrator only sees options it needs. Furthermore, the CMS has a standard referral management functionality to redirect incorrect links (resulting in 404 pages) to existing pages.

A CMS consists of software and software needs to be kept up to date. The CMS sends notifications to the administrators when updates are available. Updating is easy via the backend of the system. Because this website has remained as much as possible with the standard functionality (including multilingual from the core), few extensions have been installed. This makes maintenance even easier.

A flexible website

The CMS (Joomla) used for this website is easy to expand.

Joomla CMS has standard multilingual functionality available. Joomla comes standard with an English (en-GB) language file. The language file is used on the administrator and visitor interface. For example for language labels ("read more"). Additional language files have been installed for this website: Dutch (nl-NL), German (de-DE), French (fr-FR) and Spanish (es-ES).

For the design Yootheme Pro is used: a template and pagebuilder system.

The standard functionality has been extended with functionality that is not essential for the operation of the website. Removing the extensions does not affect the functioning of the website for the visitors:

  • Akeeba Backup Pro - Backups of the website
  • d2 Content Pro - Joomla Article editor optimised  
  • JCE Editor Pro - An easy text editor
  • OSMap Free - Site Map
  • PWT SEO - SEO optimisation
  • RSForms Pro - Forms
  • HTTP Headers - Placing the right HTTP Security Headers
  • JCH Optimize - Compressing CSS/JS

An easy to find website

This website has been optimised for search engines. The speed has been optimised. The website works via a secure connection (https). The website is mobile accessible. Accessibility is taken into account.

For good search engine optimisation (SEO) the website works with a logical semantic structure. The structure of articles is consistent. The HTML structure is well structured. The design supports the content. The content of this website is self-written and unique. With the help of PWT SEO, all articles are SEO optimised.

To make it easier for search engines to index the website, the website search engine friendly (SEF) has been set up. There is a sitemap available that search engines use to index the website. A robots.txt file tells search engines that the CMS system files do not need to be installed. The URL structure is consistent.

A measurable website

This website uses Google Analytics. It is anonymised because we consider privacy important. We also use Google Search Console to see which keywords visitors were looking for before they came to this site. With the help of these tools, the website is further improved.

A social media friendly website

This website uses a plugin that places the OG meta Tags in the HTML output. When sharing a page on a social media channel, that channel retrieves a title + description + image from the website. This makes the link to this website visually more attractive. Hopefully this will result in more visitors to this website.

A secure website

The server software where this website is running is continuously updated. The CMS is up to date, as are the installed extensions. Backups are regularly made that are encrypted and stored offsite.

The visitor's connection to the website is via a secure (https) connection.

ssllabs ssltest 

The HTTP Security Headers are optimally configured.

http security headers 

Modern internet standards are used.

internet standards nl 

The e-mail from this website is sent via SMTPs (SSL/TLS). The e-mail uses anti-spam measures SPF records and DKIM signature.

A profitable website

This website does not contain a webshop. Profitability is therefore not directly measurable. The purpose of this website is to inform you how you can improve your website. And indirectly to show how good Joomla CMS is for such a multilingual website. 


Why this is the best website for administrators!

Is your website also the best site for administrators?

* according to Peter Martin

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