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A flexible website

A flexible website

The best website is a flexible website. How flexible is your website? Can you easily expand the functionality?

A flexible website

The functionality of a static HTML website is practically impossible to expand. A dynamic website uses a CMS. And if you have chosen a good CMS, the functionality is easy to expand.


The standard functionality of a website is showing information to visitors. To give your visitors the opportunity to communicate with you or with other visitors, you can expand a flexible website with new functionality. You can even enter into financial transactions with your visitors if you extend the CMS with web shop functionality. When adding extra functionality, think of the following possibilities: 

Custom forms

Do you have forms in your website to communicate in a structured way with your visitors? Do you have a flexible website in the sense that you can easily add new forms? Can you change your forms easily?

A forum

For some websites it can be interesting if their visitors can exchange information with each other in public. Keep in mind that you need to make time for moderating the messages. Forums not only attract ordinary visitors but also spammers.

A photo gallery

A photo gallery makes it easier to place photos on your website and show them to visitors in a structured way. How flexible are you in adding photos to your website? Can you expand your website with a photo gallery? 

A web shop

Webshops are a much sought-after website extension. How easy is it to expand your website with a webshop? Do you have a flexible website and can you integrate a web shop in it?

Pay attention to new functionality

When adding new functionality, take into account the user-friendliness of your website. Examine the impact on speed beforehand: to what extent does an extension make the website less fast? Is the functionality well maintained by the original developers? What impact does the extension have on the security of the website?

A flexible website

Is the functionality of your website easy to extend?

* according to Peter Martin

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